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The Final Chesscard GUI [1]

The Final Chesscard,
a chess playing entity by TASC, developed by Marc Derksen, and forerunner of the famous ChessMachine. As independent chess computer it ran at 5 MHz on a 65C02 processor with 64 Kib ROM and RAM each, inside an expansion-cartridge of a host home- or personal computer, as already realized in 1986 with the The Final Cartridge III by Riska B.V. with Wil Sparreboom and Marc Derksen involved [2] [3]. The Final Chesscard, first released in 1989 for Commodore 64 and Commodore 128 home computers, was also available as pluggable ISA card for the IBM PC. Rather than a dedicated board, it used a for that time sophisticated GUI with 2D Graphics Board of its host.

Circuit Board

Fc pcb.jpg

The Final Chesscard Circuit Board [4]

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