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Wil Sparreboom [1]

Wil Sparreboom,
a Dutch electrical engineer, software developer, entrepreneur and owner of TASC [2]. As a chess player, Wil Sparreboom is active in the Rotterdamse Schaakbond (RSB) [3].


During the mid 80s, Wil Sparreboom, while affiliated with Riska B.V. Home & Personal Computers, had the idea to construct and realize an expansion-cartridge for Commodore 64 and Commodore 128 home computers, the The Final Cartridge III [4], able to run computer games and applications much faster with an own, WIMP compliant user interface. Based on the success of the card, and a chess program by Marc Derksen, the The Final Cartridge III evolved to the The Final Chesscard, which in 1989 became the first product of the new founded company TASC. Under the direction of Wil Sparreboom, TASC raised until the end of the 90s [5] with innovative chess products, such as the ChessMachine [6], the TASC Chess System, TASC SmartBoard, TascBase and the dedicated TASC R30 and TASC R40.


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