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TASC R30 SB20 [1]

a dedicated chess computer with an ARM6 32Bit RISC Processor at 30 MHz, produced and market by TASC along with their Chess System and the wooden SmartBoard with electronic piece recognition [2]. R30 was first released in 1993 (V 2.2), a subsequent version (V 2.5) in 1995 [3]. The R30 ran a The King based program by Johan de Koning, and was considered one of the strongest dedicated chess computers during the 90s, and possibly until today.

Tournament Play

TASC R30 played the Manufacturers Group at the WMCCC 1993 in Munich and became runner-up in a field of three computers by the smallest margin of ½ point behind the Mephisto Genius 2, dubbed the Wundermachine. It further played the Harvard Cup 1993, and five Aegon Tournaments from 1993 until 1997.

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