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Genius 68030 33MHZ StartUp Screen [1]

Mephisto Genius 68030,
a set of dedicated chess computer modules bys Hegener & Glaser for their Mephisto module systems running the Mephisto Genius 2 program by Richard Lang on a 68030 32-bit processor at 33 MHz. It was the improved Mephisto Vancouver program and the Motorola assembly branch of the 80486 program which won the manufacturers and Absolute World Microcomputer Chess Champion titles at the WMCCC 1993 running on the PC based Mephisto Wundermaschine. Mephisto Genius 68030 was persistent inside a 256 KiB EPROM, and used 512 from 768 KiB of RAM for the transposition table.

Mephisto London

A software update was available as Mephisto London also for older modules in 1994 [2], incorporating improvements of the Genius 3 program which played the Intel Grand Prix in London, winning speed chess matches versus Garry Kasparov and Predrag Nikolić. A few Genius 68030 London tournament machines inside the Bavaria board were shipped during the mid 90s [3]

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