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ChessGenius Exclusive [1]

Millennium ChessGenius,
a dedicated chess computer series by MILLENNIUM with a ChessGenius program by Richard Lang ported to the ARM Cortex-M 32-bit processor. Millennium ChessGenius was first released in November 2015 with a clock rate of 48 MHz [2] , followed in August 2016 by the ChessGenius PRO [3] with higher clock rate and more memory. Both models use a magnetic sensory board along with a LCD board. In April 2017 the even more hardware improved ChessGenius Exclusive was released, featuring a wooden sensory board with RFID based automatic piece recognition, 9x9 square indicator LEDs, the controller unit located in a separate cabinet with integrated LCD and chess clock.


Clock RAM Flash ROM Book
Model Controller [MHz] [KiB] Positions
ChessGenius ATSAM4N8B 48 64 512 8 20,000
PRO ATSAM4SA16B 120 160 1024 16 100,000
Exclusive Cortex M7 300 384 2048 300,000

Sensory Board

The bluetooth feature [4] of the electronic chess board further allows connecting with other chess playing devices, such as Aart Bik's Chess for Android since version 5.6 [5] [6] .

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