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Mephisto MMIV with Turbo Kit, 1987 [1]

Mephisto MM IV,
a dedicated chess computer module for Mephisto module systems by Hegener & Glaser launched in 1987 as successor of Mephisto Rebell. Ed Schröder's program run on a 65C02 CMOS processor. The MM IV played the First International Chess-Computer Tournament in the USSR 1989, and was runner-up, only losing from its stable mate Mephisto Almeria with a Lang program and a much more powerful 68020 32-bit processor [2]. However, in 1988 the MM IV Turbo Kit with the discrete TK 20 processor by Schaetzle+Bsteh took the lead in the SSDF rating list [3], threatening H&G's marketing strategy of high end market with superior hardware and Lang programs versus middle class market and low end market with average and limited hardware with Schröder and Morsch programs [4]. Only H&G's intervention could retain their desired order [5].

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