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an UCI compliant open source chess engine by Evgeny Shtranvasser, written in C++, recent version hosted by Bitbucket [2]. Bismark's board is represented as two-dimensional 8x8 array of squares and a vector of pieces. The engine applies negamax alpha-beta PVS with null move pruning, transposition table and a pure capture quiescence search within the iterative deepening loop. Beside material as dominating term, Bismark's evaluation aggregates values of middlegame and endgame piece-square tables along with king tropism, finally tapered by current game phase using float arithmetic. Further, Bismark considers various pawn structure terms, with appropriate bonuses for passers and candidates and penalties for doubled pawns and islands, as well as beneficial piece positions such as knight outposts, rook on open or semi-open file and bishop pair [3].

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  1. Caricature "Between Berlin and Rome" by Wilhelm Scholz, Kladderadatsch, May 16, 1875. The caption reads: (Pope:) "The last move was certainly very unpleasant for me; but that doesn't yet mean the game is lost. I have one more very fine move up my sleeve!" (Bismarck:) "It will also be the last, and then you are mated in a few moves - at least for Germany." Note the caricaturist's error in orienting the chessboard by placing white squares on players' left. Kulturkampf from Wikipedia, Wikimedia Commons
  2. jackalsh / Bismark — Bitbucket
  3. Description based on the sources of Bismark 1.3

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