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[[Category:Clobber Programmer|Althöfer]]
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Ingo Althöfer [1]

Ingo Althöfer,
a German mathematician, computer scientist, game researcher, game inventor, and full professor at Faculy for Mathematics and Computer Science [2], Friedrich Schiller University of Jena [3].

Ingo Althöfer's professional as well as private research interests cover a broad range of AI-issues, search algorithms, evaluation, creating and inventing new, interesting games such as EinStein würfelt nicht! [4] [5] , and triple-brain (3-Hirn) (two- or k-best mode, where an arbiter instance choses from the best moves provided by one or more chess-programs) [6] [7]. 3-Hirn has become a "brand name" for books, games and software, distributed by Ingo's small publishing company 3-Hirn-Verlag.


Chess960CWC 2005

Altenhoeffer Ingo CCM5 Foto Eric van Reem 100 1617.JPG

Chess960CWC 2005: Peter Svidler, Arbiter Ingo Althöfer and Roland Pfister [8]

Tilburg 2011


Ingo Althöfer and Richard J. Lorentz playing EinStein würfelt nicht! at the 16th Computer Olympiad, 2011 [9]

3-Hirn's Motto

By Christian Posthoff and Günter Reinemann 1987 [10] [11] : Nicht
Der Mensch kann, aber die Maschine nicht...
Der Mensch kann nicht, aber die Maschine kann...
Der Mensch kann, aber Mensch und Maschine zusammen können (viel mehr).

Humans can, but machine can not...
Humans cannot, but machine can...
Humans can, but humans and machine together can (much more).

Selected Publications

[12] [13] [14]

1985 ...

1990 ...

1995 ...

2000 ...

2005 ...

2010 ...





2015 ...


Forum Posts

External Links

Pictorial Reports

Pictorial Reports and Games by Ingo Althöfer

Chrilly Donninger, Stefan Meyer-Kahlen, Frank Schneider and Eiko Bleicher et al.


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