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Cameron Browne [1]

Cameron Bolitho Browne,
an Australian psychologist, computer scientist, games researcher and inventor with a Ph.D. in Artificial Intelligence and game design from University of Queensland [2], and associate professor in Maastricht University's Games and AI group. His research interest includes Monte-Carlo Tree Search (MCTS) for procedural content generation in creative domains, to investigate ways in which MCTS - typically used for move planning in games - can instead be harnessed to analyze, optimize and design new games, music and artwork. Cameron Browne is co-author of the Hex-program Hex Kriger, which competed at the 11th Computer Olympiad, Turin 2006.

Selected Publications


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Cameron Browne (2015). Uniqueness in Logic Puzzles.
Cameron Browne (2015). Embed the Rules. pdf

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