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5 x 6 Clobber, Initial Position [1]

a two-player abstract strategy partisan game invented and introduced in 2001 at a combinatorial game theory workshop in Halifax by Michael H. Albert, J. P. Grossman, and Richard J. Nowakowski. The first competitive Clobber tournament was held in February at the Dagstuhl seminar on algorithmic combinatorial game theory [2] , where the games were played on a 5x6 board, later computer tournaments include 8x8 and 10x10 boards, initially, each square occupied by a white or black stone, arranged so that the colors alternate. Both player moves in turn and "clobbering" an opponent's stone on an orthogonally adjacent square. White starts and the player with no more moves available loses. The ICGA organizes Clobber tournaments since 2005 during the Olympiads [3]. So far, most successful is Johan de Koning's program Pan (Pan.exe).

Computer Olympiads



Tilburg 2011, Jaap van den Herik congrats Johan de Koning, Ingo Althöfer with silver medal for McJena [4]


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