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The 31th Dutch Open Computer Chess Championship took place October 14-16, 2011, Denksportcentrum Leiden. Eight Participants played seven rounds. The CSVN announcement in August 2011 [1] against the ICGA decision concerning Rybka, caused several former participants to write an open letter of protest towards the CSVN to don't enter their tournaments under the current direction [2].

Final Standing


# Program CC Authors Points
1 Pandix HU Gyula Horváth 7
2 Spark NL Allard Siemelink
3 ProDeo NL Ed Schröder 5
4 The King NL Johan de Koning
5 Spartacus NL Harm Geert Muller 3
6 Arminius DE Volker Annuss
7 Kallisto NL Bart Weststrate
8 Gadget NL Hans van der Zijden 0

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