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Volker Annuss [1]

Volker Annuss,
a German computer scientist and software developer, as computer chess programmer author of the chess engines Hermann [2] and Arminius. As mentioned on the Arena site [3], Volker started chess programming in 1986 with the program Deep Thought for Atari ST. The only common thing with another famous program was the name, the computer in Douglas Adams' novel Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy. After a long break, Volker Annuss developed Hermann, using bitboards as basic data structure, and neural networks for material evaluation and timing [4]. Since 2006, Volker regularly participates at CSVN tournaments in Leiden, with Hermann, and since DOCCC 2011 with the completely restructured successor Arminius [5]. As of August 2017, Volker introduced Black Magic Bitboards [6].



Volker Annuss and Ralf Dörr in Hermann vs. Argonaut, ICT 2006 [7]


PT 51: Volker Annuss (Arminius 3rd), Harvey Williamson (HIARCS 1st) and Hans van der Zijden (Komodo 2nd) [8]

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