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Jupiter and Callisto [1]

a former commercial chess program [2] by Bart Weststrate, running on x86 under the MS-DOS operating system internally using 32-bit mode. Kallisto is written in Assembly and has an own graphical user interface, initially 6502 later ported to Intel. Kallisto is known for one of the first commercial programs using recursive null move pruning already in the 80s.



Kallisto's MS-DOS GUI [3]


Kallisto had its debut at the DOCCC 1987 running on a Commodore 64 [4], and so far played in total 16 Dutch Open Computer Chess Championships from 1987 until 2011, runner up at DOCCC 1995 and third at DOCCC 1996. It further played the WCCC 1989 and WCCC 1992, the WMCCC 1993, WMCCC 1995 and WMCCC 1997, the ACM 1993, the ICT 2010 and ICT 2013, and eight Aegon Tournaments from Aegon 1988 until Aegon 1997. At the last Aegon Tournament in 1997, Kallisto gained the 4th place and was the best program with 4½/6 only losing from Yasser Seirawan and wins versus Alex Kure, Ye Rongguang, Jonathan Speelman and Heiner Matthias, and a draw from Friso Nijboer, and also drew two demonstration games versus Jan Timman and Viswanathan Anand [5] .

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