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Grand Hotel [1]

ACM's 24th North American Computer Chess Championship (NACCC) was held as a special event at the Sixth Symposium on Parallel Algorithms and Architecture [2], June 25-27, 1994, Grand Hotel, Cape May, New Jersey, USA.

Final Standing


# Name CC 1 2 3 4 5 P SOS SoDOS
1 Deep Thought II US 2w1 [4] 5b0 7w1 3b1 5b1 4 13½ 11
2 Zarkov US 1b0 6b1 4w1 5b½ 3w1 15
3 Star Socrates US 10w1 7b1 5w1 1w0 2b0 3 12½ 5
4 Now US 6w½ 10b½ 2b0 8w1 9b1 3 10½
5 Mchess Pro US 8b1 1w1 3b0 2w½ 1w0 16½
6 Cray Blitz US 4b½ 2w0 9w1 7b0 10w1 11 4
7 WChess US 9w1 3w0 1b0 6w1 8b0 2 13½
8 Evaluator US 5w0 9b0 10w1 4b0 7w1 2 10
9 Innovation II US 7b0 8w1 6b0 10b1 4w0 2 10
10 Spector US 3b0 4w½ 8b0 9w0 6b0 ½ 12½



Program CC Team Hardware Language
Cray Blitz US Robert Hyatt, Harry Nelson, Albert Gower Cray Y-MP-8 Fortran, C, Assembly
Deep Thought II [6] US Feng-hsiung Hsu, Murray Campbell,
Joe Hoane
RS/6000 580
& 16 custom chess processors
C, Microcode
Evaluator US Bill MacLaughlin 486DX4/100 PC C
Innovation II US Jeff Mallett Mac PowerPC C
Mchess Pro US Marty Hirsch Pentium/60 PC C, Assembly
Now US Mark Lefler 486/50 PC Pascal, Assembly
Spector US Steven Edwards 486DX2/66 PC C
Star Socrates US Don Dailey, Larry Kaufman, c/o Julio Kaplan
Robert Blumofe, Eric Brewer, Michael Halbherr,
Chris Joerg, Bradley Kuszmaul,
Charles Leiserson, Yuli Zhou
Connection Machine CM-5 C, Cilk
WChess US David Kittinger, James Parker Pentium/90 PC C
Zarkov US John Stanback HP 9000/735 C

Selected Games

Round 1

Round 1, Deep Thought II - Zarkov

[Event "ACM 1994"]
[Site "Cape May, NJ USA"]
[Date "1994.06.25"]
[Round "1"]
[White "Deep Thought II"]
[Black "Zarkov"]
[Result "1-0"]

1.e4 e5 2.f4 exf4 3.Nf3 g5 4.h4 g4 5.Ne5 Nf6 6.d4 d6 7.Nd3 Nxe4 8.Bxf4 Bg7 
9.c3 O-O 10.Nd2 Re8 11.Nxe4 Rxe4+ 12.Be2 Qe8 13.Kd2 h5 14.Re1 c5 15.dxc5 dxc5 
16.g3 Na6 17.Bf1 Bf5 18.Qb3 Qc6 19.Rxe4 Bxe4 20.Nf2 Rd8+ 21.Ke1 Bd5 22.Qb5 Qe6+ 
23.Qe2 Qd7 24.Rd1 Re8 25.Ne4 Qa4 26.Rxd5 Rxe4 27.Rd8+ Kh7 28.Be3 Bh6 29.b3 Qc6 
30.Bg2 Rxe3 31.Bxc6 bxc6 32.Rd7 c4 33.b4 Kg7 34.Kf2 Rxe2+ 35.Kxe2 c5 36.b5 Nb4 
37.cxb4 cxb4 38.Rxa7 b3 39.axb3 cxb3 40.Ra3 Kg6 41.b6 1-0

Round 4

Round 4, WChess - Cray Blitz

[Event "ACM 1994"]
[Site "Cape May, NJ USA"]
[Date "1994.06.26"]
[Round "4"]
[White "WChess"]
[Black "Cray Blitz"]
[Result "1-0"]

1.e4 c5 2.Nf3 e6 3.d4 cxd4 4.Nxd4 Nf6 5.Nc3 d6 6.Be2 a6 7.O-O Qc7 8.f4 Be7
9.Be3 Nc6 10.Nxc6 bxc6 11.Qd3 O-O 12.Rad1 Bb7 13.Kh1 Rad8 14.Rd2 e5 15.h3 
exf4 16.Bxf4 Kh8 17.Qg3 Ne8 18.Qe3 Rb8 19.Na4 f6 20.c4 Qa5 21.b3 Rd8 22.c5 
dxc5 23.Rxd8 Bxd8 24.Rd1 Bc7 25.Bxc7 Nxc7 26.Qxc5 Qxc5 27.Nxc5 Bc8 28.Bc4 
a5 29.Rd6 Nb5 30.Rxc6 Nd4 31.Rd6 Nc2 32.Bd3 Ne3 33.Bb1 f5 34.exf5 h5 35.Ne6 
Bxe6 36.fxe6 Rf1+ 37.Kh2 Rxb1 38.Rd8+ Kh7 39.e7 Nf1+ 40.Kg1 Ng3+ 41.Kf2 Ne4+ 
42.Ke2 Rb2+ 43.Kd3 Nf6 44.Rf8 Rb1 45.Rxf6 Re1 46.Rf5 Kg6 47.e8=Q+ Rxe8 
48.Rxa5 Re1 49.h4 Rd1+ 50.Kc2 Rh1 51.g3 Kh6 52.a4 Rf1 53.Rd5 Rf3 54.a5 Rxg3 
55.a6 Rg2+ 56.Rd2 Rg1 57.Rd4 Rg2+ 58.Kd3 Rg3+ 59.Kc4 Re3 1-0

Round 5

Round 5, Zarkov - Star Socrates

[Event "ACM 1994"]
[Site "Cape May, NJ USA"]
[Date "1994.06.27"]
[Round "5"]
[White "Zarkov"]
[Black "Star Socrates"]
[Result "1-0"]

1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nf6 3.d4 Nxe4 4.dxe5 d5 5.Be3 Bg4 6.h3 Be6 7.Nbd2 Qe7
8.c3 Nc6 9.Nxe4 dxe4 10.Ng5 Rd8 11.Qa4 Bd5 12.O-O-O Qxe5 13.Bb5 Be7
14.c4 Bxc4 15.Bxc6+ bxc6 16.Qxc6+ Kf8 17.Nxh7+ Rxh7 18.Rxd8+ Bxd8
19.Qxc4 a5 20.Rd1 Bf6 21.Qb3 g6 22.Rd5 Qe6 23.Rxa5 Qxb3 24.axb3 Ke7
25.Kc2 Kd7 26.b4 Rh5 27.b5 Rd5 28.Kb3 Rd3+ 29.Ka2 Bd4 30.Bxd4 Rxd4
31.Ra7 Rb4 32.Rb7 Kc8 33.Ka3 e3 34.fxe3 Re4 35.Ra7 Rxe3+ 36.Kb4 Re2
37.g4 Rxb2+ 38.Kc5 Rb3 39.Ra8+ Kb7 40.Rh8 Rd3 41.Rf8 Rf3 42.Kd5 Kb6
43.Ke4 Rf1 44.Rb8+ Ka7 45.Rc8 Kb7 46.Rd8 Rh1 47.Rd3 Kb6 48.Rb3 f6
49.Kd5 Rf1 50.Ke6 f5 51.g5 Rd1 52.h4 Rd6+ 53.Ke5 f4 54.Kxf4 Rd7 55.Ke5 Rf7
56.Rb4 Rf5+ 57.Ke6 Kc5 58.Re4 Kb6 59.Kd7 Kxb5 60.Kxc7 Kc5 61.Re6 Rf4
62.Rxg6 Rxh4 63.Rh6 Rg4 64.g6 Kd5 65.Kd7 Ke5 66.Ke7 Kf5 67.Kf7 Kg5
68.Rh1 Rf4+ 69.Kg7 Rg4 70.Kh7 Kf6 71.Rf1+ Ke7 72.g7 Rh4+ 73.Kg8 Rh3
74.Rf7+ Ke8 75.Rf5 Ke7 76.Re5+ Kf6 77.Re1 Rc3 78.Rh1 Rc7 79.Kh8 1-0

Tournament Director


Forum Posts

ACM Tournament - Final results by Hal Bogner, rgc, June 28, 1994

External Links


  1. Explore Beautiful Cape May Oceanfront Hotel | The Grand Hotel Cape May
  2. Proceedings of the sixth annual ACM symposium on Parallel algorithms and architectures
  3. ACM 1994 CSVN site
  4. "Heavy rain induced power outage at Hawthorne, NY. [4 inches in one hour.] Possibility of rescheduling was discussed. MChess decided to take a time forfeit win". DT2 games in ACM 94 by Feng-hsiung Hsu, rgc, June 29, 1994
    Reply by Hal Bogner: "Not so, though this happened away from you, so you may not realize what actually happened. The decision had nothing to do with MChess or it's programmer, Marty Hirsch. IM Mike Valvo, who has served as Tournament Director for these events for over a decade, made the decision in consultation with ICCA President Tony Marsland and Monty Newborn, who is responsible for the ACM's chess activity ..."
  5. The 24th ACM International Computer Chess Championship from The Computer History Museum, pdf
  6. Deep Thought II incorporated Ken Thompson's 5 Piece Databases

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