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In 1992, a novel Award was instituted by the ICCA, the ICCA Journal Award. The Award is to be adjudicated annually to a first-time author for the best article in the ICCA/ICGA Journal in the year under consideration.

Year Award Winner Article Published in
1993 Peter Jansen Peter Jansen (1993). KQKR: Speculatively Thwarting a Human Opponent. Vol. 16, No. 1
1994 Chrilly Donninger Chrilly Donninger (1993). Null Move and Deep Search: Selective-Search Heuristics for Obtuse Chess Programs. Vol. 16, No. 3
1995 Bradley Kuszmaul Bradley Kuszmaul (1995). The StarTech Massively Parallel Chess Program. Vol. 18, No. 1 pdf
1996 Michael Buro Michael Buro (1995). ProbCut: An Effective Selective Extension of the Alpha-Beta Algorithm. Vol. 18, No. 2 pdf
1997 Mark Brockington Mark Brockington (1996). A Taxonomy of Parallel Game-Tree Search Algorithms. Vol. 19, No. 3
1998 Andreas Junghanns Andreas Junghanns (1998). Are there Practical Alternatives to Alpha-Beta? Vol. 21, No. 1
1999 Ernst A. Heinz Ernst Heinz (1998). Efficient Interior-Node Recognition. Vol. 21, No. 3
2000 Darse Billings Darse Billings (2000). Thoughts on RoShamBo. Vol. 23, No. 1
2001 Thomas Thomsen Thomas Thomsen (2000). Lambda-Search in Game Trees with Application to Go. Vol. 23, No. 4
2002 Ren Wu Ren Wu, Don Beal (2001). Fast, Memory-efficient Retrograde Algorithms. Vol. 24, No. 3
2003 David Fotland David Fotland (2002). Static Eye in "The Many Faces of Go". Vol. 25, No. 4
2004 Haw-ren Fang Haw-ren Fang, Tsan-sheng Hsu, Shun-Chin Hsu (2004).
Checking Indefinitely in Chinese-Chess Endgames.
Vol. 27, No. 1
2005 Kohei Noshita Kohei Noshita (2005). Union-Connections and Straightforward Winning Strategies in Hex. + Companion pdf Vol. 28, No. 1 pdf
2006 Fridel Fainshtein Fridel Fainshtein, Yaakov HaCohen-Kerner (2006). A Chess Composer of Two-Move Mate Problems. Vol. 29, No. 1 pdf
2007 Gian Piero Favini Paolo Ciancarini, Gian Piero Favini (2007). A Program to Play Kriegspiel. Vol. 30, No. 1
2008 Rémi Coulom Rémi Coulom (2007). Computing “Elo Ratings” of Move Patterns in the Game of Go. Vol. 30, No. 4 pdf
2009 Nathan Sturtevant Nathan Sturtevant (2008). An Analysis of UCT in Multi-Player Games. Vol. 31, No. 1 pdf
2010 Yoshikuni Sato Yoshikuni Sato, Daisuke Takahashi, Reijer Grimbergen (2010).
A Shogi Program based on Monte-Carlo Tree Search.
Vol. 33, No. 2 pdf
2011 Petr Baudiš Petr Baudiš (2011). Balancing MCTS by Dynamically Adjusting the Komi Value. Vol. 34, No. 3
2012 Diogo R. Ferreira Diogo R. Ferreira (2012). Determining the Strength of Chess Players Based on Actual Play. Vol. 35, No. 1
2013 Kunihito Hoki Kunihito Hoki, Tomoyuki Kaneko, Akihiro Kishimoto, Takeshi Ito (2013).
Parallel Dovetailing and its Application to Depth-First Proof-Number Search.
Vol. 36, No. 1