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Don Beal, WCCC 1986 [1]

Donald Francis (Don) Beal,
a British computer scientist and computer games researcher, Emeritus staff from the Queen Mary and Westfield College of London, Department of Computer Science [2]. Don Beal researched and published on various computer chess related topics, for instance search pathology, null move quiescence search, integrated bounds and values, temporal difference learning and retrograde analysis. Selected publications were summarized in his Ph.D. thesis The Nature of MINIMAX Search [3] , he was author and co-author of several chess programs competing at various CC Tournaments, and was long time board member of the ICCA as Secretary-Treasurer [4], contributor of multiple Advances in Computer Chess Conferences, as well as editor of the ACC 4, ACC 5 and ACC 6 conference proceedings. Don Beal advocated and organized Uniform-Platform Computer Chess Championship [5], an approach to compare programs without hardware dependence.



Don Beal's BCP still in the assembly stage, 1983 [6]

Beal Thompson Newborn Botvinnik WCCC New York 1983.jpg

Don Beal, Thompson, Newborn and Botvinnik, WCCC 1983 [7]

Don's Programs

Don Beal is author and co-author of following chess programs [8] :

and the Lines of Action program:

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