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Carey Bloodworth,
an American senior programmer, veteran Pi programmer, and also computer chess programmer [1], computer chess historian and collector [2]. He worked with Tony Marsland to re-create Awit aka Wita, that it could execute on a Unix box [3]. Carey wrote some very fast pi calculation programs, the first one to compute one billion (2^30) decimal digits of pi on a x86 desktop computer in 1999 in less than 9 days [4]. His pi calculators also provide tutorials on high-precision and high-performance integer arithmetic [5]. Carey's abandoned computer chess sites Classic Computer Chess - ... The programs of yesteryear are saved by the Internet Archive [6], and are often referred in the Chess Programming Wiki.

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pi-ref.txt by Carey Bloodworth, August 11, 1996
pi8.c by Carey Bloodworth, September 09, 1996
snippets/pi8.c at master · vonj/snippets · GitHub
pi8.nfo by Carey Bloodworth, September 27, 1996


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