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Ossi Weiner [1]

Ossi Weiner,
a German graduate engineer, chess player, computer chess expert, co-author of computer chess books, Opening Book author, and computer chess and games businessman and distributor. Weiner was consultant and product manager of Hegener & Glaser [2], representing Mephisto chess computers at various World Computer and World Microcomputer Chess Championships, yielding in long term cooperation with Richard Lang and Ed Schröder. In 1983, Weiner founded his own company, the Hobby Computer Centrale, Weiner Vertriebs GmbH in Munich, which was the forerunner of the Millennium 2000 GmbH, founded 1996 together with his partner Manfred Hegener [3] . Millennium 2000 further distributed the World Champion chess programs Shredder by Stefan Meyer-Kahlen, and after Marty Hirsch's problems [4] with his former distributor Martin Stamer his program MChess Pro. In 2003, Millennium discontinued the high end computer chess software sector to focus on their core business, chess computers, electronic games and consumer products. According to Hein Veldhuis, the computers of Millennium 2000 are produced by Eric White, while David Levy is responsible for the programs [5].


Glasgowwm 565x385.jpg

Thomas Nitsche, Ossi Weiner and Lars Hjörth, WMCCC 1984 Glasgow [6] [7]

3-1 and 3-2.Nelson Hyatt Weiner.ACM 19 NACCC.Orlando.1988.102645367.NEWBORN.lg.jpg

Nelson, Hyatt, Weiner at the ACM 1988, Orlando [8]




Ossi Weiner as ChessMan [12]

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