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Frieder Schwenkel [1]

Frieder Schwenkel, (1933 - 2012) [2] [3]
was a German mathematician, computer scientist, and professor at University of Hamburg. He received his Ph.D. in 1966 on the semantic theory in programming languages at University of Tübingen where his advisors were Karl Longin Zeller and Hellmuth Kneser [4]. Already during the early 60s in Tübingen, along with his fellow Gerd Veenker, Frieder Schwenkel developed a particular interest in non-numeric computation such as game playing and theorem proving [5]. He was a strong chess player and early computer chess expert and promoter [6]. During the late 70s, he motivated his students Alexander Reinefeld, Manfred Allers, Dirk Hauschildt and Dieter Steinwender to work on computer chess and supported the development of Murks and MicroMurks. In 1982/83, along with Dieter Steinwender, Frieder Schwenkel played a correspondence chess game versus Belle [7].

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