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DGT Pi with DGT Board [1]

a dedicated chess computer expansion hardware by Digital Game Technology for their DGT Board, connected via Bluetooth or USB, integrated into a DGT3000 digital chess clock, first released in October 2016 [2]. The computer consists of a Raspberry Pi 3 with built-in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi functionality, and comes with multiple chess engines included. DGT Pi requires the DGT Board, and can not used to play engines stand alone [3]. DGT Pi uses a recent version of the PicoChess software aka python-chess by Niklas Fiekas to handle chess rules, opening books, and PGN files [4] [5].



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  6. The manual is based on the DGT Pi PicoChess software version 0.75. Free upgrades of implemented features and supported engines will be made available from time to time and such future software versions and new features may not be covered by this manual

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