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an UCI and Chess Engine Communication Protocol compliant open source chess engine by Manik Charan, licensed under the GNU General Public License v3.0, written in C/C++, first released in October 2016. Origin of ideas and implementations are documented inside the source code, e.g. tapered eval SIMD score [1], or SEE from Stockfish. Since version 1.5, released in June 2017, WyldChess supports Syzygy Bases [2].


Board Representation


Zobrist Hashing
Futility Pruning
Mate Distance Pruning
Null Move Pruning
Late Move Reductions
Check Extensions
Internal Iterative Deepening
Killer Heuristic
History Heuristic (1.5)
Countermove Heuristic


Bishop Pair
Piece-Square Tables
Attacking King Zone
King Queen Tropism
Passed Pawn
Isolated Pawn
Doubled Pawn


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GitHub - Mk-Chan/BBPerft: A fast, bitboard based chess perft result generator derived from WyldChess » Perft


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