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Revelation #1 [1] [2]

a dedicated chess computer system by Phoenix Chess Systems, developed by its founder and CEO Ruud Martin. While a prototype was introduced in 2006 [3], the Revelation was first shipped in June 2008 [4] and superseded by its successor Revelation II in 2013. The system features a sensory board, an XScale PXA255 32-bit processor at 500 MHz with 32 MiB of RAM, and firmware and chess engines in non-volatile flash memory. In 2009, the Revelation also appeared as module set for Mephisto boards [5].


Revelation's OLED display screen [6]

A six button and OLED panel realize a menu-driven graphical user interface to configure and choose engines, and to control and indicate system modes and states. A wireless Bluetooth connection allows native engine or firmware updates, and due to the UCI server, also allows using the Revelation as dedicated user interface for UCI engines running on a PC.

Chess Engines

Native Engines


Richard Lang Emulation

Mephisto Amsterdam
Mephisto Dallas
Mephisto Roma
Mephisto Almeria
Mephisto Portorose
Mephisto Lyon
Mephisto Vancouver
Mephisto London

Misc Emulations

Mephisto Rebell 5.0
Mephisto MM IV
Mephisto MM V
Novag Diablo

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