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Funkwerk Erfurt [1]

VEB Mikroelektronik „Karl Marx“ Erfurt,
prior to 1983 labeled the VEB Funkwerk Erfurt, was a people-owned enterprise (Volkseigener Betrieb, VEB) manufacturing microelectronics and semiconductor devices, located in Erfurt, East Germany at that time [2] [3], and head of the correspondent VEB Kombinat Mikroelektronik „Karl Marx“ Erfurt combine producing under the trademark Rundfunk- und Fernmelde-Technik (RFT) [4]. Funkwerk Erfurt emerged from a former Telefunken facility during the Socialization in East Germany in 1948. After the Wende in 1990 it successively evolved to the X-FAB Silicon Foundries.

Chess Computers

In the 80s VEB Funkwerk Erfurt and VEB Mikroelektronik Erfurt manufactured various dedicated chess computers based on their own produced Z80 clone U880 [5] [6], notably the SC 1 and SC 2, which in turn were clones [7] of Ron Nelson's Chess Challenger programs, manufactured by Fidelity Electronics, and since 1983/84 the Chess-Master models with programs by Dieter Schultze, Rüdiger Worbs and Wolfgang Pähtz. However, Chess-Master was a clone of the Sargon 2.5 6502 program by Dan and Kathe Spracklen [8].


Erfurt Computer Chess Team

Rft programmierer.jpg

Erfurt computer chess team in 1983, programmer Rüdiger Worbs, project leader Holger Faltermeier
and chess consultant IM (Bernd ?) Stein [9]

Honorary names

were frequently added to the VEB actual names. VEB Mikroelektronik ...

Karl Marx 001.jpg
Fotothek df roe-neg 0002793 004 Portrait Wilhelm Piecks im Publikum der Bachfeier.jpg
... „Karl Marx[10] Erfurt ... „Wilhelm PieckMühlhausen [11]


HonecckerU80701 14081989.jpg

Erich Honecker receives the U80701, developed by reverse engineering the MicroVAX 78032,
SED central committee, August 14, 1989 [12]


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