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SC 2 [1]

Schachcomputer SC 2,
a dedicated chess computer manufactured from 1981 until 1983 by VEB Funkwerk Erfurt, in 1983 renamed to VEB Mikroelektronik „Karl Marx“ Erfurt.

The SC 2 ran on an 8-bit U880 CPU, which was an unlicensed Z80 clone, and had 9 KB ROM and 1 KB RAM. The chess program was an apparently re-engineered, slightly modified clone [2] [3] [4] of Ron Nelson's program of the Chess Challenger 10 C manufactured by Fidelity Electronics.


Excerpt from Holger Schacht's March 2011 article in, Berliner Kurier [5]:

Developer Rüdiger Worbs: "The SC2 was the first device manufactured by ten female laborer on the assembly line, they built about 1000". But despite various presentations at trade shows, it did not lead to the desired export. The slightly revised program was stolen from a U.S. inventor, the market is already saturated in the West. In the GDR, only a few hundred items were available over the counter. 2180 East mark costs the electrical brain - about three months' wages for ordinary people. Meanwhile, the "SC2" is considered a "collector's item". At the last auction on the Internet, he went away for 49 Euro. 

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