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Steffen A. Jakob [1]

Steffen Adam Jakob,
an German chess player and computer scientist residing in Austria. Steffen holds a Master's degree from Darmstadt University of Technology in 1995, and was research assistant at Vienna University of Technology before he started his professional career as software developer in 1996 [2]. As computer chess programmer he is author of the Chess Engine Communication Protocol compatible chess engine Hossa, which competed at the WCCC 2003 in Graz [3]. Steffen already started chess programming in the 80s and made Hossa xboard compatible in 1998 [4]. Before he restarted the development of his own chess program, his Crafty clone dubbed Brause ran on several Internet Chess Server [5] especially to examine the Halloween Gambit in the Four Knights Game [6]. More recently, Steffen worked with Chrilly Donninger on maintaining the Sibyl Godot Finance Server [7].

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