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initially called Latista and in 2008 renamed to Sinobyl due to trademark issues [1], is a WinBoard compliant chess engine by Eric Oldre, written in C++, and first released in 2004 [2]. Sinobyl, aka Latista 1.4, was one of the first engines besides Scorpio and Gambit Fruit, to use Daniel Shawul's Scorpio Bitbases. Sinobyl was later ported to C#, with rotated bitboards replaced by magics [3], released in 2014 as NoraGrace, dedicated to Nora Grace Oldre who was taken from Eric and his wife unexpectedly a few days before she was due to be born [4].


based on Latista 1.5 [5]

Board Representation


To avoid standing pat in quiescence where pieces of the side to move were just attacked and en prise, Eric Oldre introduced Horizon Threat Extensions in Latista 1.4 [6].


Pawn Shelter

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