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WBEC Ridderkerk,
was a private chess engine rating list and chess engine news and tournament site maintained and hosted by Leo Dijksman. The rating list is based on games automatically played via the Chess Engine Communication Protocol with WinBoard and UCI engines which comply to the rules [3]. WBEC tournaments started in 2001 with four divisions, continued by 2011 and its 17th edition, in six devisions with 24 engines each plus qualifier for new engines [4]. The ELO rating is calculated using Bayesian Elo Rating by Rémi Coulom [5]. As of 2012, after finishing the 19th edition, Leo Dijksman had no fun anymore with computerchess tournaments, due to many clones/deratives and some authors seem not to be willing to fix their own bugs [6] [7]. Leo Dijksman died in February 2015 after battling cancer for almost two years [8]. His WBEC Ridderkerk sites are thankworthy archived by the Internet Archive [9].


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  2. Ridderkerk on the river island of IJsselmonde, where Noord meets Lek for the Nieuwe Maas, Noord and Nieuwe Maas were former continuations of the Merwe(de), itself a distributary branch of the Rhine, at times also fed by the Meuse
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