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a commercial chess program by Don Dailey and Larry Kaufman. The engine was written in 8086 assembly language, the graphical user interface written in Turbo Pascal [1] . RexChess was the commercial successor of Rex, running on IBM PC and compatibles under MS-DOS. RexChess played the Aegon 1991 with 3½ out of 6, losing from David Bronstein, winning versus Tim Krabbé and drawing from Jeroen Piket, Harvard Cup 1991, and Aegon 1992.



Rexchess 2.30 Dos Screen [2]


by Larry Kaufman from The Rexchess Story [3]:

The next step forward came when Novag's Dave Kittinger, Don and I jointly worked out how to do an effective selective search program. Dave put these ideas into the Super Expert B and Super Forte B, while Don and I put them into Rex. So we decided to enter the 1989 World Computer Championship in Edmonton, although the program was very incomplete and not fully debugged. We scored 2 out of 5, around the middle of the PC programs, although our 20 MHz 368 was one of the slower machines present. Soon thereafter, Don quit his job to devote 2 months full-time to completing Rex and adding features necessary for a commercial program. 

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