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List West Lighthouse on Sylt [1]

a chess engine by Fritz Reul, written in C. The development started in 2000, and List was first released as WinBoard engine 4.60 in May 2002 [2], and as free native ChessBase engine 5.04 for the Fritz GUI in December 2002 [3] .


List 4.6x is a 32-bit engine operating on 10x8 boards. It uses a recursive fail-soft alpha-beta search with transposition table and quiescence search inside an iterative deepening frame with aspiration, and performs fractional extensions, depth dependent razoring and null move search with fail-high reductions, and IDD [4] . Dann Corbit, who had seen some bit of List's C source code in 2002, on the origin of List's name [5] :

The program uses many piece-lists internally, which is where the name comes from, I think. I have seen the evaluation function, which uses separate lists for each piece type. 

WCCC 2003

List participated at the WCCC 2003 in Graz, not represented by its author himself, but by Erdogan Günes. Fritz Reul, being circumvented with examination commitments, did not act appropriate to prove his program was not a clone, as accused due to an official protest during the tournament. As a consequence, List was disqualified after eight of eleven rounds [6] [7]. In 2005, Fritz Reul was rehabilitated by the ICGA, after List's source code was inspected by an expert approved by the ICGA [8], who stated List was definitely not a clone of any other program, and that it contains some new ideas in chess programming [9] [10].

List 5.12

In January 2004, List 5.12 was released as free UCI engine along with Aristarch by Stefan Zipproth [11]. Able to play Chess960, List further played the Chess960CWC 2005.

Loop List

In October 2005, Fritz Reul's new 32-bit engine dubbed Loop List was released commercially as UCI engine [12] . List and Loop List further evolved to the 32-bit Loop engine as described in chapter 2 Non-Bitboard Architectures of Fritz Reul's Ph.D. thesis New Architectures in Computer Chess [13].

Selected Games

WCCC 2003, round 7, List - Brutus [14]

[Event "WCCC 2003"]
[Site "Graz, Austria"]
[Date "2003.11.26"]
[Round "7"]
[White "List"]
[Black "Brutus"]
[Result "1/2-1/2"]

1.Nc3 d5 2.e4 dxe4 3.Nxe4 Nd7 4.d4 Ngf6 5.Ng3 h5 6.Bd3 c5 7.Nf3 h4 8.Ne2 h3 
9.gxh3 a6 10.Ng5 cxd4 11.Nxd4 Nc5 12.Bc4 e6 13.Be2 Nfe4 14.Nxe4 Nxe4 15.Qd3 
f5 16.Nb3 Qf6 17.c3 Bd7 18.Be3 Bb5 19.Qd4 Bxe2 20.Qxf6 Nxf6 21.Kxe2 Rxh3 
22.Nd4 Kf7 23.Nf3 Kg8 24.Ng5 Rh6 25.Nf3 Rh5 26.Bd4 Nd5 27.Be5 a5 28.Rhg1 Rh7 
29.Rad1 Rc8 30.Rd4 Nb6 31.Bd6 Bxd6 32.Rxd6 Na4 33.Rd2 b5 34.h4 Nb6 35.Kf1 b4 
36.cxb4 axb4 37.Rd4 b3 38.axb3 Rh6 39.Kg2 Kf7 40.Ra1 Nd5 41.Rc4 Rb8 42.Ne5+ 
Kg8 43.Ra7 Rxb3 44.Nf7 Rg6+ 45.Ng5 Rb8 46.Kf1 Rf6 47.Rd4 Rg6 48.b3 Rh6 49.Kg2
Rg6 50.f3 Nf6 51.Re7 Nd5 52.Rxe6 Rxe6 53.Nxe6 Rb5 54.Kf2 Kf7 55.Nf4 Nxf4 
56.Rxf4 Rxb3 57.Rxf5+ Kg6 58.Rg5+ Kf6 59.Rc5 Kg6 60.Rc6+ Kh5 61.Kg3 Rb1 62.Rc5+
Kg6 63.Re5 Kf6 64.Ra5 Kg6 65.Kg2 Rb2+ 66.Kh3 Rb1 67.Rg5+ Kf6 68.Rc5 Kg6 1/2-1/2

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