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Heracles slays the Lernaean Hydra [1]

a chess program by Chrilly Donninger supported by co-developer and book author Alex Kure, based on Nimzo 3.5. Hydra was written in 386 assembly, running under Windows. Hydra 97 played the WMCCC 1997 in Paris with 7/11 for 4th to 8th place.


Andreas Mader on Hydra [2]:

I am not going to Paris, a "Nimzo team" will not be there, too.
Instead, a "Hydra team" will show up, because Chrilly Donninger changed the name of his child. This program is based on Nimzo 3.5, but most of the routines are new and many new ideas had been implemented. Hydra will only work with Win 95 (97, NT) and will not work under DOS. By now we are twiddling with the positional parameters (e.g. the brand new mobility evaluation) and there are many bugs in the program. Hydra is a "usual" Donninger program: Very fast and (by now) dumb. I have a Pentium 225 MMX and Hydra is doing approx. 180 KNPS on this machine. Maybe this is going to decrease when more knowledge is implemented. Chrilly also had a plan for "CHE++", but I think due to time problems this is not going to happen ... 

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lineup: David Paich, Steve Lukather, Joseph Williams, Steve Porcaro, Simon Phillips, Nathan East


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