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The First European Computer Chess Championship took place August 9-11, 1976 at the Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Eight (nine?) programs participated, first four to qualify for the WCCC 1977 in Toronto [1]. The three round Swiss tournament was won by Master with Orwell and Tell tying for second place [2] [3].

Final Standing


# Program CC
1 Master [5] GB
2 Orwell DE
2 Tell CH
4 Bs'66'76 [6] NL



Program CC Author(s)
Beal GB Don Beal
Bs'66'76 NL Barend Swets
Charlie DE Andreas Keil
Daja DE Siegfried Jahn, Ludwig Zagler
Master GB Peter Kent, John Birmingham
Orwell DE Thomas Nitsche
Papa HU George Rajna, B. Almasi
Schach DE Matthias Engelbach
Tell CH Johann Joss

Selected Games

Charlie - Bs'66'76 [8]

[Event "ECCC 1976"]
[Site " Amsterdam"]
[Date "1976.08.??"]
[Round "?"]
[White "Charlie"]
[Black "Bs'66'76"]
[Result "1/2-1/2"]

1.c4 d5 2.Qa4+ Bd7 3.Qb4 Nc6 4.Qa4 Nd4 5.Qd1 dxc4 6.e3 Bg4 7.Qxg4 Nc2+ 8.Ke2 Qd3+ 
9.Kd1 Nxe3+ 10.fxe3 Qxf1+ 11.Kc2 Qd3+ 12.Kd1 Qf1+ 13.Kc2 Qd3+ 14.Kd1 1/2-1/2


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