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Barend Swets [1]

Barend Swets,
a Dutch engineer and early computer chess programmer, who already started computer chess programming in 1966. His knowledge based chess program Bs6676 was the first Dutch chess program [2] and subject of his thesis under Adriaan de Groot. Bs6676 played the ECCC 1976 [3], the WCCC 1977, the ACM 1978 and ACM 1979, the unofficial Dutch championship matches in 1979 and 1980 [4] and the First Dutch Computer Chess Championship in 1981. Barend Swets was the promoter and one of the founders of the ICCA, and started the ICCA Newsletter along with Ben Mittman in 1978.



By Robert Hyatt, 1997 [5]:

Problem is, no one else has stepped forward.  I was there when Barend Swets (Believe the spelling is correct) proposed forming this organization in 1977 in Toronto.  I was one of many that stood up and said "yes, I'll join." However, others stood up and said I'll not only join, I'll help for nothing, and the ICCA was formed, and continues to work this way.  


By Jaap van den Herik, 2001 [6] :

In 1977, the ICCA was founded during the Second World Computer-Chess Championship in Toronto. The organisation was the brainchild of Barend Swets and many participants supported the idea, among them Ken Thompson who then tied for 4th place amongst 16 participants with his program BELLE. 


By Jaap van den Herik, 2007 [7]:

In 1978 Ben Mittman and Barend Swets started the ICCA Newsletter. It was specialized on chess. Owing to the series of Advances in Computer Chess Conferences, which in 1999 changed to Advances in Computer Games Conferences, the ICCA Journal broadened its scope, too, and published articles on other games. This can be seen as a generalization. As a direct consequence, the Journal was renamed into ICGA Journal. 


By Jaap van den Herik, 2010 [8]:

Along with Barend Swets and Peter van Diepen, I was one of the followers of Euwe and De Groot. Euwe had become extraordinary professor in 1964 Rotterdam and professor in Tilburg (data processing)... 



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