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Johann Joss [1]

Johann Joss,
a Swiss mathematician and Ph.D in mathematics from the ETH Zurich, in the 90s affiliated with the University Institute of Social and Preventive Medicine of Lausanne. He already started computer chess programming in 1967 on a CDC 1604 A [2], and his chess program Tell participated at the first two World Computer Chess Championships, the WCCC 1974 in Stockholm and the WCCC 1977 in Toronto, and won the first German computer chess tournament, the First GI Computer Chess Tournament, 1975 in Dortmund [3] [4].

Tit for Tat

Johann Joss also researched on the Prisoner's dilemma and Tit for tat and participated in Robert Axelrod's tournaments [5] [6] on the topic of evolution of cooperation.

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