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The Second European Computer Chess Championship took place from September 25-27, 1979, at the Wembley Conference Centre, London, United Kingdom. The tournament, sanctioned by the ICCA, was first planned to be held in conjunction with the Fourth International Congress of Cybernetics and Systems in Amsterdam [1] during the week of August 21, 1978, organized by Barend Swets [2], but was displaced due to lack of sponsors [3] [4].

Final Standing


# Program CC
1 Master GB
2 Dark Horse SE


Program CC Author(s)
BCP GB Don Beal
Bs6676 NL Barend Swets
Dark Horse SE Ulf Rathsman
Elsa DE Ludwig Zagler
Master GB Peter Kent, John Birmingham
Parwell DE Thomas Nitsche, Elmar Henne, Wolfram Wolff
Rasputin GB Jeff Rollason
Tell CH Johann Joss



[Event "ECCC 1979"]
[Site "London"]
[Date "1979.09.27"]
[Round "?"]
[White "Rasputin"]
[Black "Parwell"]
[Result "0-1"]

1.e4 Nf6 2.e5 Nd5 3.d4 Nc6 4.c4 Nb6 5.c5 Nd5 6.Bc4 e6 7.Nf3 d6 8.Bxd5 exd5
9.cxd6 cxd6 10.Bg5 Qa5+ 11.Bd2 Qc7 12.Bf4 Bg4 13.Nc3 Bxf3 14.gxf3 dxe5 15.Nxd5 Qa5+
16.Kf1 Qxd5 17.dxe5 Qc4+ 18.Qe2 Qxf4 19.e6 Be7 20.exf7+ Qxf7 21.Rg1 O-O 22.Rg3 Nd4
23.Qe4 Nxf3 24.Qxb7 Nxh2+ 25.Kg2 Qxf2+ 26.Kh3 Nf1 27.Rd3 Qh4+ 28.Kg2 Qh2# 0-1

External Links


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  4. The Information of the ECCC 1979 so far is incomplete, except first and second place and some participants. If you are aware of further participants, game results, final standing and even game notations, please provide the information here. If you don't feel comfortable to edit this page, you may use the discussion page
  5. The Fourth World Computer Chess Championship (labeled 22nd ACM), pdf from The Computer History Museum, pdf, European Championships, page 8
  6. Partie: Rasputin - Parwell (SMS 201), Computerwoche, November 02, 1979 (German)

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