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Duck [1]

a chess program written in C by Dennis Breuker, competing at three Dutch Open Computer Chess Championships, the DOCCC 1989, the DOCCC 1992, and with the same version the DOCCC 2000, further playing the 4th Computer Olympiad 1992 in London.


from Mark Uniacke's report on the 4th Computer Olympiad 1992 [2]:

Search techniques used are minimal-window, alpha-beta with extensions for check evasion, recaptures, singular moves and promotions. Move ordering is by history heuristic, refutation and transposition-table moves and captures. Positional values may range up to +/- 1 Pawn. Development time is 2 years on a very part time basis. 


Prover was a Proof-Number Search implementation for chess, using chess-specific routines of Duck. Provers only goal was searching for mate [3].

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