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ChessV Universal Chess Program [1]

an open source engine that plays over 50 chess variants with various board sizes as well as orthodox chess, written by Gregory Strong in C++, released under the GPL v2, first published in 2004 [2]. ChessV 0.95 was released in November 2016 [3]. ChessV runs under Windows with 32-bit and 64-bit executables available and can run on Linux under Wine. It features an own GUI, but includes also an executable named ChessV_Winboard.exe which allows running ChessV under WinBoard. ChessV 2.0, released in March 2017, completely rewritten from scratch [4] in C#, is a .NET Framework application, and can run on non-Windows operating systems, such as Linux, using Mono.


Board Representation

ChessV encapsulates the board, position and game related data inside a huge C++ class, with number of files, ranks and squares as member, and specifies a bitboard type accordant to its size, either with 64, 96 or 128 bits. Sliding pieces attacks are generated using rotated bitboards.





  • Alapo
  • Almost Chess
  • Angels and Devils
  • Archchess
  • Berolina Chess
  • Bird’s Chess
  • Cagliostro’s Chess
  • Capablanca Chess
  • Capablanca Chess, Aberg variant
  • Capablanca Chess, Paulowich variant
  • Carrera’s Chess
  • Chess256
  • Chess 480
  • Chess and a Half
  • Chess with Augmented Knights
  • Chess with Different Armies
  • Chess with Ultima Pieces
  • Compound Courier Custom Chess
  • Courier Chess
  • Cylindrical Chess
  • Diagonal Chess
  • Diamond Chess
  • Embassy Chess
  • Emperor’s Game
  • Enep
  • Eurasian Chess
  • Exinction Chess
  • Fischer Random Chess
  • Great Chess
  • Great Shatranj
  • Grand Chess
  • Grotesque Chess
  • Hannibal Chess
  • Janus Chess
  • Janus Kamil Chess
  • Kinglet
  • Ladorean Chess
  • Latrunculi duo milia et septum
  • Legan’s Game
  • Lemurian Shatranj
  • Lions and Unicorns Chess
  • Los Alamos Chess
  • Modern Kamil
  • Modern Shatranj
  • Odin’s Rune Chess
  • Opti Chess (mirror I)
  • Opulent Chess
  • Orthodox Chess
  • Polymorph Chess
  • Roman Chess
  • Royal Court
  • Schoolbook Chess
  • Shatranj
  • Shatranj Kamil
  • Shatranj Kamil (64)
  • Sosarian Chess
  • Switching Chess
  • TenCubed Chess
  • Three Checks Chess
  • Ultima
  • Unicorn Chess
  • Unicorn Great Chess
  • Unicorn Grand Chess
  • Univers Chess

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