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Paderborn Townhall [1]

International Paderborn Computer Chess Championship, IPCCC, hosted by the Paderborn University, Paderborn, Germany from 1991 until 2007.


Edition Participants Champion
1st IPCCC 1991 10 Zugzwang
2nd IPCCC 1992 8 Zugzwang
3rd IPCCC 1993 10 Bobby
4th IPCCC 1994 18 Schach 3.0
5th IPCCC 1995 was
WMCCC 1995
34 MChess Pro
6th IPCCC 1997 16 Zugzwang
7th IPCCC 1998 16 Nimzo98
8th IPCCC 1999 14 P.ConNerS
9th IPCCC 2000 16 Shredder
10th IPCCC 2001 18 Shredder
11th IPCCC 2002 16 Shredder
12th IPCCC 2003 14 Fritz
13th IPCCC 2004 16 Hydra
14th IPCCC 2005 16 Hydra
15th IPCCC 2005 b 12 Rybka
16th IPCCC 2006 10 Rybka
17th IPCCC 2007 10 HIARCS
IPCCC 2008 canceled

Since 2005 the IPCCC was hosted by the Heinz Nixdorf MuseumsForum.

Cancelation 2008

The 18th IPCCC 2008 was canceled, due to lack of registrations. Only six participants registered, and not all participants had an interest to play the tournament with such a reduced number of players. One reason for potential participants with family commitments was the scheduling between Christmas and New Year. Another possible reason might be the general loss of interest of amateur programmers to play the strong commercial programs almost not represented by their author.

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