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The Bratko-Kopec Test (BK-Test) was designed by Ivan Bratko and Danny Kopec in 1982 at the University of Edinburgh [1]. The Bratko-Kopec Test was widely discussed [2], updated [3] and revisited [4] [5] [6].


by Danny Kopec [7]:

The Bratko-Kopec Test was designed by Dr. Ivan Bratko and Dr. Danny Kopec in 1982 to evaluate human or machine chess ability based on the presence or absence of certain knowledge (i.e. Master, Expert, Novice, etc). This test has been a standard for nearly 20 years in computer chess. Experience has shown it very reliable in corresponding to the chess rating of humans and machines. 


Extended Position Description [8][9]

1k1r4/pp1b1R2/3q2pp/4p3/2B5/4Q3/PPP2B2/2K5 b - - bm Qd1+; id "BK.01";
3r1k2/4npp1/1ppr3p/p6P/P2PPPP1/1NR5/5K2/2R5 w - - bm d5; id "BK.02";
2q1rr1k/3bbnnp/p2p1pp1/2pPp3/PpP1P1P1/1P2BNNP/2BQ1PRK/7R b - - bm f5; id "BK.03";
rnbqkb1r/p3pppp/1p6/2ppP3/3N4/2P5/PPP1QPPP/R1B1KB1R w KQkq - bm e6; id "BK.04";
r1b2rk1/2q1b1pp/p2ppn2/1p6/3QP3/1BN1B3/PPP3PP/R4RK1 w - - bm Nd5 a4; id "BK.05";
2r3k1/pppR1pp1/4p3/4P1P1/5P2/1P4K1/P1P5/8 w - - bm g6; id "BK.06";
1nk1r1r1/pp2n1pp/4p3/q2pPp1N/b1pP1P2/B1P2R2/2P1B1PP/R2Q2K1 w - - bm Nf6; id "BK.07";
4b3/p3kp2/6p1/3pP2p/2pP1P2/4K1P1/P3N2P/8 w - - bm f5; id "BK.08";
2kr1bnr/pbpq4/2n1pp2/3p3p/3P1P1B/2N2N1Q/PPP3PP/2KR1B1R w - - bm f5; id "BK.09";
3rr1k1/pp3pp1/1qn2np1/8/3p4/PP1R1P2/2P1NQPP/R1B3K1 b - - bm Ne5; id "BK.10";
2r1nrk1/p2q1ppp/bp1p4/n1pPp3/P1P1P3/2PBB1N1/4QPPP/R4RK1 w - - bm f4; id "BK.11";
r3r1k1/ppqb1ppp/8/4p1NQ/8/2P5/PP3PPP/R3R1K1 b - - bm Bf5; id "BK.12";
r2q1rk1/4bppp/p2p4/2pP4/3pP3/3Q4/PP1B1PPP/R3R1K1 w - - bm b4; id "BK.13";
rnb2r1k/pp2p2p/2pp2p1/q2P1p2/8/1Pb2NP1/PB2PPBP/R2Q1RK1 w - - bm Qd2 Qe1; id "BK.14";
2r3k1/1p2q1pp/2b1pr2/p1pp4/6Q1/1P1PP1R1/P1PN2PP/5RK1 w - - bm Qxg7+; id "BK.15";
r1bqkb1r/4npp1/p1p4p/1p1pP1B1/8/1B6/PPPN1PPP/R2Q1RK1 w kq - bm Ne4; id "BK.16";
r2q1rk1/1ppnbppp/p2p1nb1/3Pp3/2P1P1P1/2N2N1P/PPB1QP2/R1B2RK1 b - - bm h5; id "BK.17";
r1bq1rk1/pp2ppbp/2np2p1/2n5/P3PP2/N1P2N2/1PB3PP/R1B1QRK1 b - - bm Nb3; id "BK.18";
3rr3/2pq2pk/p2p1pnp/8/2QBPP2/1P6/P5PP/4RRK1 b - - bm Rxe4; id "BK.19";
r4k2/pb2bp1r/1p1qp2p/3pNp2/3P1P2/2N3P1/PPP1Q2P/2KRR3 w - - bm g4; id "BK.20";
3rn2k/ppb2rpp/2ppqp2/5N2/2P1P3/1P5Q/PB3PPP/3RR1K1 w - - bm Nh6; id "BK.21";
2r2rk1/1bqnbpp1/1p1ppn1p/pP6/N1P1P3/P2B1N1P/1B2QPP1/R2R2K1 b - - bm Bxe4; id "BK.22";
r1bqk2r/pp2bppp/2p5/3pP3/P2Q1P2/2N1B3/1PP3PP/R4RK1 b kq - bm f6; id "BK.23";
r2qnrnk/p2b2b1/1p1p2pp/2pPpp2/1PP1P3/PRNBB3/3QNPPP/5RK1 w - - bm f4; id "BK.24";


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