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TechMate, (TechMate Chess)
a commercial chess program for the Atari ST by Alexander and Barbara Szabo, produced and market by their own company Szabo Software since 1986 [3], and distributed also through third party vendors like MichTron Corp. [4] in the US, and Microdeal [5] and Software Direct [6] in the UK. TechMate has an own GUI with 2D Graphics Board and entering moves completely mouse-driven.


TechMate was derived from Tech 3, Alex Szabo's 1984 thesis program written in Fortran and IBM 370 Assembly to run on an Amdahl 470V/8 of the University of British Columbia. Tech 3 was developed in the spirit of the original Tech program by James Gillogly, with knowledge applied at the top of the search tree as positional presort rather than at the leaf nodes using complex evaluation [7]. MateTech performs an alpha-beta search with quiescence and iterative deepening with aspiration windows , using a transposition table with Zobrist hashing. The pure material based rudimentary evaluation of Tech 3 was extended by a strategic component [8].

The Technology Curve

As published in their 1988 ICCA Journal paper [9], Alexander and Barbara Szabo revisited the Technology Curve by playing 6882 games between copies of TechMate set at different time rates, with the conclusion that the advantage of improved technology rapidly decreases when machines and algorithms become more powerful.


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