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SPARCstation 1 [1]

a series of SPARC based Unix workstations and servers by Sun Microsystems, evolving from the Sun-4 line in the late 80s to compete with high-end PCs or Macs. The SPARCstation 1, first sold in April 1989. It featured several distinctive design elements driven by Andy Bechtolsheim, such as the paper sheet sized motherboard with SBus expansion cards, allowing a compact footprint of the machine [2]. Subsequent models introduced multiple processors connected by the MBus. The SPARCstation 20 as last model of the series was superseded by the UltraSPARC design in 1995

Chess Programs

SPARCstations were used by severel chess programs during the early 90s, in particular at the DOCCC 1992 and the WCCC 1992. SPARCstations were also used for the software development of dedicated chess computers with SPARC processors, such as the Kasparov Sparc by Kathe and Dan Spracklen.

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