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Sun-2 Multibus CPU Board [1]

a series of UNIX workstations and servers by Sun Microsystems using Motorola 680x0 16/32-bit processors, and since Sun-4, own 32-bit SPARC processors later evolving to the SPARCstation line.

Sun 1

The Sun-1, launched in May 1982, was based on the Stanford University SUN workstation designed by Andy Bechtolsheim. The Sun 68000 board was a powerful single-board computer. It combined a 10 MHz Motorola 68000 microprocessor, a Sun designed memory management unit (MMU), 256 KB of zero wait state memory with parity, up to 32 KB of EPROM memory, two serial ports, a 16-bit parallel port and an Intel Multibus [2]. =Sun 2= The second generation Sun-2 in late 1983 featured a 10 MHz 68010 with a proprietary MMU to be the first Sun to run a full virtual memory. Early Sun-2 models were based on the Multibus, with later models using VMEbus, which continued to be used in the successor Sun-3 and Sun-4 families.

Sun 3

Sun-3 VMEbus CPU Board [3]

The Sun-3, launched in September 1985, using an 68020 and own MMU. Sun-3 systems were supported in SunOS versions 3.0 to 4.1.1_U1 and also have current support in NetBSD and Linux.

Sun 4

The Sun-4 was launched in 1987 using Sun's own SPARC RISC architecture. Several variations on the Sun-4 architecture were subsequently developed and used in later computer systems produced by Sun and other vendors.

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