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Lion Melon Carving [1]

Lion, (Lion++)
a chess engine by primary author Giancarlo Delli Colli, initially written in Java and later ported to C++ based on the source code of Fruit, but able to run on multi-processor. Lion participated at the CCC 2005 in Bologna and the WCCC 2006 in Turin. At the WCCC, after five rounds were played and a protest was filed by a participant, Yngvi Björnsson and independently, Jonathan Schaeffer inspected Lion's source code and found it a close derivative of Fabien Letouzey’s program Fruit, which would have been acceptable if this had been revealed, credit given, and permission received before entering [2]. The Lion authors did not deny, and provided their own interpretation of rules since they had included a file crediting the effort by Fabien Letouzey, albeit invisible for other people [3]. Lion++ 1.5 was disqualified according to rule 2 [4]. The controversial term 'application detail' was later amended by the ICGA and made explicit as 'submission details' as part of rule 2 [5].

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