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Jan-Jaap van Horssen [1]

Jan-Jaap van Horssen,
a Dutch computer scientist and as computer Draughts programmer, author of the Draughts program Maximus, Gold medal winner of the 16th Computer Olympiad 2011 [2], and Bronze medal winner at the 19th Computer Olympiad 2016 [3]. In April 2012, Maximus played a six game match versus international Draughts grandmaster Alexander Schwarzman, where Schwarzman won game two and all other five games were draws [4]. In his 2019 ICGAJ article Jan-Jaap van Horssen elaborates on how to obtain the best move and principal variation in MTD(f) by walking the TT, as applied in his Draughts program [5].



19th Computer Olympiad 2016, ICGA Organizer Joke Hellemons and Draughts winners
Jan-Jaap van Horssen (3rd), Fabien Letouzey (1st), Jelle Wiersma (2nd), and TD [6]

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