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Ice Chess at Rosa Parks Circle [1]

an UCI compliant chess engine written in C++ by Thomas Petzke, in late 2010 and 2011 translated from his Pascal based mACE engine, started a year earlier. Subsequent versions steadily improved, and the development of mACE and iCE over the years is documented in Thomas mACE blog [2], along with elaborating on all kind of chess programming topics.


iCE uses magic bitboards and a fail-hard PVS framework. Beside code cleanup, refactoring and tuning, iCE 2.0 from September 2014 features history heuristic, late move pruning, razoring and counter move heuristic. Further, compared to iCE 1.0 LMR became less aggressive, lazy evaluation was removed [3], and LMR added at the root. The former pure pawn hash table now incorporates king positions to hash additional terms [4]. iCE's evaluation is the result of an extensive automated tuning process using the PBIL [5] type of genetic algorithms [6].

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