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Excel 68000 [1]

Excel, (Fidelity Excel, 68000 Mach I, 68000 Mach II, 68000 Mach III, 68020 Mach IV)
a family of the dedicated Chess Challenger series by Fidelity Electronics, produced and distributed from 1987 to 1989. The Excel had a 16-bit Sargon III based 68000 program by Dan and Kathe Spracklen, and was the first dedicated unit featuring a transposition table apparently with BCH hashing of < 16 KiB, 128 KiB for the Mach II, 64 KiB for the Mach III, 512 KiB for the 68020 Mach IV. Due to TTs, the Excel could solve the Lasker-Reichhelm Position in under a minute, but had some issues with color flipped positions, f. i. in KBNK [2]. The Mach III and its successor, the 68020 32-bit Mach IV were also shipped in other housings, such as the Elite Avant Garde V2 [3] and Avant Garde V6 [4], and the later Fidelity Designer models [5] [6].

Master Rating

Mach III Rating Certificate [7]

The 68000 Mach III was rated 2265 by the United States Chess Federation`s Computer Rating Agency, an independent certifying body. The computer obtained that Master rating by competing 48 tournament games against rated players [8]. The German Schach-computer Info Wiki mentions an (old) SSDF rating of 1993 [9] [10].

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