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Par Excellence [1]

Par Excellence, (Fidelity Par Excellence)
a dedicated chess computer by Fidelity Electronics, produced and distributed since 1986 as successor of the Excellence with an positional improved Sargon based 6502 program by Dan and Kathe Spracklen, similar to the Elite Avant Garde except its check extensions [2], running at 5 MHz.

Expert Rating

The Par Excellence was rated 2100 by the United States Chess Federation`s Computer Rating Agency, an independent certifying body. At a rating tournament March 8 to 9, 1986 in La Habra, California, the Par Excellence played four games each against 10 human players rated from 1776 to 2127, or high category 2 to expert. The computer won 26 games, drew 6 and lost 8 [3]. Wiki mentions an SSDF Elo rating of 1835 [4] as well as 1911 of a private tournament rating list for the 5 MHz version [5] [6].

Tournament Play

At the Second United States Open Computer Chess Championship 1986, Fidelity Elite 86M and Fidelity Excellence 86M had Par Excellence programs in Elite Avant Garde and Excellence housing [7], both in the middle of the pack with 3/6. Further, the Par Excellence played the Aegon 1987 also with 3/6.

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