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Bionic Impakt,
a Crafty clone by Hans Secelle and Albrecht Heeffer. Hans added a lot of knowledge incorporated from his former program Bionic concerning prescan routines and evaluation as well as opening book and time controls [1]. There were no attempts to "hide" anything from Hans' and Albrecht's side [2], and despite violating the Crafty license, since program changes were never published [3], and lack of explicit permission by Robert Hyatt [4], Bionic Impakt played the DOCCC 1998 with permission of the CSVN.

DOCCC 1998

While Bionic Impakt did quite well at the DOCCC 1998 and caused an éclat after winning from The King, Diep and Kallisto and finally becoming tied third, other participants complained [5] and raised forum discussions about using open source programs [6] and cloning [7], also because during the two weekends of the tournament, the playing version appeared to have changed [8], claiming some the program played the first weekend was more Crafty like [9], but explicitly later denied by Heeffer [10]. However, as a consequence Hans and Albrecht retired on Bionic Impakt and joined forces with Tom Vijlbrief on his program Ant [11] [12].

Forum Posts

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