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Montreux around 1900 [1]

Mephisto Montreux,
a dedicated chess computer with an ARM6 32Bit RISC Processor running at 14 MHz. The computer was produced and market by Hegener & Glaser already acquired by Saitek in 1994 just short before the Montreux was released in 1995. The program by Johan de Koning derived from The King, also related to the Saitek RISC 2500 and TASC R30 [2]. Mephisto Montreux was the last and lonesome dedicated computer competing a World Microcomputer Chess Championship, the WMCCC 1995 in Paderborn with respectable 5/11 versus programs running on PCs and SPARC workstations, and much higher clock rates from 60 to 120 MHz.

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