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Harry Nefkens

Henricus Joannes Jacobus (Harry) Nefkens,
a Dutch computer scientist born in Schiedam, The Netherlands in 1952. His interest in Computer Chess came when he started his study on the TH Delft (now Delft University of Technology). He is co-author of the programs Pion, Dutch and Much, participating at various World Computer Chess Championships in the 80s [1]. His main contribution was the opening book. Several articles in the ICCA Journal were published. Still an active visitor of the Computer Olympiads and conferences and since his retirement on Jan 1st 2009 trying to find more time on computer games.



Pion team: <?>, Jan Derksen, Jaap van den Herik, Harry Nefkens (center), Roger Hünen
back of head of Sito Dekker sitting in front of the board [2]


Harry Nefkens and Theo van der Storm during WCCC 2006 excursion, Arch of Augustus in Susa [3]

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  1. Harry Nefkens's ICGA Tournaments
  2. Image from Peter van Diepen (1983). Toernooibulletin van het Nederlands kampioenschap computerschaak 1982. pdf hosted by Hein Veldhuis » DOCCC 1982
  3. Harry Nefkens and Theo van der Storm during WCCC 2006 excursion, Photo by Gerd Isenberg
  4. ICGA Reference Database

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