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* [[GK 2100]]
* [[GK 2100]]
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* [[Saitek Brute Force]]
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Frans Morsch [1]

Frans Morsch,
a Dutch professional computer chess programmer. Author of various dedicated chess computers and PC-programs. Frans, born in 1954, already started computer chess programming when he was thirteen years old [2]. While studying physics, he started his career with his first program Nona written in 6502 Assembly, and after first tournament successes soon became professional chess programmer - his first dedicated chess computer was the Mephisto Mondial based on Nona [3]. He further developed programs for Hegener & Glaser, Saitek, ChessBase and TASC, most notably his program Quest which in 1991 evolved to Fritz. After the release of Fritz 13 and 22 years of primary authorship, Frans Morsch retired from ChessBase on his own desire [4], the Fritz trademark continued with Gyula Horváth [5] and Vasik Rajlich [6].




DOCCC 1986, Winner Frans Morsch with Nona and Jaap van Oosterwijk Bruyn [7]



WCCC 1995 Playoff, Star Socrates - Fritz, Chris Joerg (?), Don Dailey, Frans Morsch, and Mathias Feist @ 26... Nd5 [8] [9]



Frans Morsch (Fritz) with the biggest cup at ICT 2002! [10]


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